Ro-Ro Cargo

Ro-Ro Cargo

Ro-Ro CargoMersin International Port has 8 berths with Ro-Ro handling capability. MIP can provide loading/discharging services to 4 Ro-Ro vessels simultaneously. The port, which can serve vessels with rear ramps and quarter ramps, has a yearly vehicle handling capacity of 150,000 units.

Within the 127,600 m2 area allocated for Ro-Ro operations, loading/discharging (Stevedorage) operations can be carried out for 100 automobiles or 20 heavy machinery per hour. The loading/discharging operations of all types of project cargo on flat trailers or trailers are carried out by trailers with a lifting capacity of 35 tons and a tug capacity of 160 tons. Loading and discharging from the ramp is also possible on Ro-Ro vessels with 16 and 25 ton capacity forklifts.

Continuous service is provided to customers with scheduled, weekly Ro-Ro vessel voyages to ports in Libya, Italy, Cyprus and other countries. Considered the most important port for transit, Mersin International Port has become a transit hub for Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Iran and the CIS countries. The inspection of Ro-Ro vehicles arriving at our port, upon demand from Customs Directorates, is conducted in a fast and efficient manner with the X-Ray machine available at the port.

Ro-Ro CargoMIP Auto Terminal

The car transit trade to Iraq is one of the most important transit traffic handled through Mersin International Port. MIP has therefore constructed a dedicated Car Terminal allocated specially for car storage in an area size 70,000 m2.

MIP has been awarded the Specialized Automotive Customs status the fact which fostered the car business in the region, providing sufficient resources to meet the increasing demand of car business. Moreover, a special parking area of 3,000 m2 has been reserved for trailers transporting vehicles for the roro business.


PCT-Free Fuel StationSpecialized Automotive Customs

 As of 18 March 2011, automotive exports and imports were officially authorized to be handled at Mersin International Port.

PCT-Free Fuel Station

Fuel provision without PCT (Private Consumption Tax) or VAT is provided at the Fuel Station within the port, to Ro-Ro vehicles transporting export cargo.

With this application, Ro-Ro transportation method developed very fast, and Mersin International Port has become a transit hub for transit cargo to and from European and Middle Eastern countries.


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