Container Services

Container Services

Container Services Mersin International Port is one of the largest container ports in South of Turkey, serving a wide industrial hinterland in the region with a signficant contribution to the country's foreign trade. It is connected to all main ports around the world through over 20 shipping lines making regular calls.

24/7 nonstop service is provided with modern equipments at the Container Terminal with a total 1395m berth length and 15 m draft.

Mersin International Port is ranked among the 100 biggest ports in the world.

Container Terminal Capacity Information
Capacity 2,6M TEU
Container Berths 9
Maximum Ship Berthing Capacity 18.000 TEU
Ground Slot 13,500


Equipment Capacity Number
Gantry Crane  40 - 65 ton 12
Mobile Harbour Crane 100 -150 ton 5

Container Terminal Services

  • Loading / Discharging / Transhipment / Cabotage
  • Lashing / Unlashing and Twistlock Services
  • CFS Services
    • Container Stuffing
    • Container Unstuffing
  • Inspection, Full Inspection
  • Reefer Container Services
  • IMCO Container Services
    • IMCO Container Labeling Services

Container Information Management Systems

  • 24/7 online container tracking with the work orders
  • Network structure that enables wireless data communication and security over a total of 112 hectares of port and extension areas.
  • 24/7 monitoring the port and extension areas with 559 CCTV cameras
  • Running all Port Operations by the Terminal Operating System. (TOS)
  • Monitoring port operations online by the users


Loading / Unloading/ Transhipment / Cabotage

Loading / Unloading/ Transhipment / Cabotage services are provided to approximately 2000 container vessels per year at Mersin International Port.

As one of the most important entry/exit gates for Turkey’s import, export and transit cargoes, Mersin International Port has reached the globally accepted container handling standards (vessel rate-crane rate).

Lashing/Unlashing and Twistlock Services

Lashing / Unlashing and Twistlock Services are provided at Mersin International Port by its expert personnel.

X-RAY Inspection and Weighing Services

In parallel to the existing high business volumes, container weighbridge service is provided by a total of 24 weighbridges located on suitable areas inside the port.

Inspection services over 300 containers per day provided on 16.000 m2 dedicated area. In addition, inspection services can also be provided on 9.000 m2 of closed areas within the port area.

3 X-RAY machine is available at the port for service of Customs Authority.

X-RAY Muayene ve Kantar Hizmetleri

Plugging of Reefer Containers to Electricity and Storage

The Reefer container storage platform at Mersin International Port consists of 1338 power plugs. This number is planned to increase further and can be adjusted according to the seasonal demand. 

Reefer container monitoring services are currently being offered at the port.

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