General Cargo

General Cargo

General Cargo loading and discharging services can be provided on 15 different berths, out of which 5 have direct railway connections. Thus import/export cargoes can be berthed on berths with railway connections and can be loaded directly onto wagons.

General Cargo handling capacity at Mersin International Port, is 1 million tons per year. Bagged, Big Bagged, Bale, Palletized, Slinged, Caged, Cased, Barreled cargoes are among the types of general cargo handled at the port where all loading/discharging storage and terminal services are provided in 3 shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in warehouses and open storage areas.

Additionally, the following cargoes can be loaded and discharged: IBC liquid cargo tanks, sheet and rolled steel, cased, bundle or rubble marbles, attached ingots and block metals, attached profile pipes, cased glass products, iron bars, wire rod, iron products, paper bobbins, rolled cargoes, vehicle tyres, wrapped/bale cargoes (hay, straw, cotton), boxed vargoes, lumber, timber and rails.

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