Project Cargo

Project Cargo

Project CargoThe project cargo handling capacity at Mersin International Port is 140 Tons per piece of cargo handled with the Port's existing cranes. However, MIP can handle project cargo above 140 tons by deploying vessel's own gear or by allocating additional suitable cranes from the industry.

The following project cargo items are handled by MIP, just to mention a few: machinery and parts, cranes and parts, transformers, facility/plant hardware and equipment, boilers, concrete plants, cement mills, cased cargo, poles, ovens, energy plant equipment, petrol and gas well equipment, cylinderical tanks, prefabricated structures, office containers, petrol platform parts, all vehicles and carriages handled by cranes or heavy equipment and similar heavy and/or volumed and/or cargo requiring sensitive handling.

Project Cargo Equipment
2 units Liebherr Mobile Cranes : LHM 500 -100 ton and LHM 500S - 140 tons capacity
2 units Gottwald Mobile Cranes : GHMK 7608 - 150 tons capacity
2 units Gottwald Mobile Cranes : HMK 280 E - 100 tons capacity
2 LHM250  : 64 tons

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