Dry Bulk Cargo

Dry Bulk Cargo

Dry Bulk CargoLoading and discharging performance up to 20,000 tons per day can be provided to post-panamax vessels size of up to 60,000 tons at Mersin International Port, one of the most important dry bulk terminals in the East Mediterranean region.

Dry bulk cargoes are handled such as: cereals, pulses, cement, clinker, coal, petrocoke, gypsum, salt, fertilizer, sand, chrome, iron ore etc.

Bulk Dry Cargo Handling Equipment

Mobile Cranes with Grabs
2 Liebherr LHM 500 100 tons ve LHM 500S - 140 tons 3 Industrial excavator 10 tons
2 Gottwald GHMK 7608 - 150 tons 2 Industrial excavator 14 tons
2 Gottwald HMK 280 E - 100 tons 2 Industrial excavator 20 tons
2 LHM250 64 tons 1 Industrial excavator 27 tons 
  1 Industrial excavator 30 tons

Dry Bulk Discharging From Vessel to Container

Dry bulk discharged at the Port of Mersin can be stuffed directly into containers in a fast and efficient manner by using bunkers and chassis with dumpers.

Cargo handled such as: leguminous seeds, rice, soy beans, cereals, lentils, sunflower seeds, manure, peas, broad bean, wheat etc.

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