Liquid Bulk Cargo

Liquid Bulk Cargo

Liquid Bulk CargoThe loading and discharging of all types of liquid bulk cargo can be handled at Mersin International Port with 3 mobile quay platforms and 2 conveyor pipelines.

Direct discharging operation can be provided using 2 direct discharging platforms for cargo types such as p-Xylene, caustic soda, sulfuric asid and asphalt.

Types of liquid bulk cargoes handled include; sunflower oil, canola oil, corn oil, caustic, palm oil and sulfuric acid etc.


Liquid Bulk CargoOil Tanks

There are 23 tanks for vegetable oil storage at the port. The facilities consist of tanks with a total capacity of 58,000m3 equivalent to 52,000 Tons. All the tanks are equipped with heating and mixers. Discharging from vessels directly to oil tanks can be carried out through two pipelines, each with a capacity of 550 tons per hour, in total 1,100 tons per hour.

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