Our Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy

Mersin International Port is built on strong values which we call as our “core values” and targets managing its human resources which is the guarantee of its vision and mission in the most efficient way. Our policy is to promote qualified, multi skilled and quality-oriented workforce by fostering our employees’ knowledge and skills, outstanding performance and commitment. We target to deliver the sustained superior performance of the workforce of the company by ensuring that company values are shared, relied upon and adopted by every employees.

Depending on our policy and values, our principles have been developed to increase the transparency and let every employee have a clear view of what our Human Resources Policy stand for:

- Our basic principles in dealing with our employees are establishing the mutual trust and respect, adopting transparent and open communication,  keeping the confidentiality of the personal information and favoring the principle of equal opportunity towards the employees.

- We strictly abide by the law and legislations; therefore the employees are by no means expected to act against the Ethic Code and Disciplinary Procedure of the company. We give due diligence to make employees be aware of the fact that these rules protected by the procedures are set forth for their interests focusing on keeping the sustained motivation and work peace.

- Our employees are the most important key for MIP’s success. Therefore, our strategy is to ensure the recruitment of the right people to the right job for a developing and growing company.

- Each new person joining MIP will be a component of our integrity, carry out the company’s vision and mission and keep the continuance of our company culture. Therefore, we pay extra attention to the coherence of the candidate’s values to our company culture.

- Acknowledging that a well balanced personal and work life results in greater productivity,  we uphold the wellness of our employees by favoring a healthy workplace not only for the physical, environmental and occupational health of the employees but also for their intellectual and emotional health

- Considering the significance of the “Learning Organization” and the fact that our employees are our most valuable assets, we pay special attention to our trainings, career management and performance management to motivate and retain our employees to develop our organization.

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