Frequently Asked Questions
Who is operating MIP?

Mersin Port is operated and managed by Mersin International Port , a private company owned by the shareholders PSA International Pte Ltd and Akfen Holding A.Ş.  Click for detailed information.

Which services can I receive from MIP?

Services provided by Mersin Port are; Container services, CFS services, Railway Terminal services, Refrigerated Container Terminal services, X-Ray Inspection and Weighbridge services, Conventional Cargo services, Ro-Ro services, Auto Terminal services, Passenger services, Marine Operation services and Special Consumption Tax-Free fuel service.

Can MIP give me a container / cargo transportation quote?

No, besides port operation Mersin Port does not provide Container or Cargo Transportation services.

We will work with MIP for the first time, what should we do?

You are required to complete the “ARF001 Customer Registration Request Form” which can be found on our web site, through the Forms section under the Online Services link, and send your registration to [email protected] .

Click to download the requested form.

After your registration procedures are completed, you may contact our Documentation Department regarding your activity requests.

Documentation Department Contact Information :

Telephone: +90(324) 241 29 35-36-37-38
E-mail : [email protected]

I want to visit the MIP Port Area. What shall I do?

To be able to visit the Port Area, please contact the Sales and Marketing Department.

How can I access the MIP Price Tariff?

You may access the MIP Price List and Special Conditions on our web site under the Online Services link.

For any questions please contact the Sales and Marketing Department.

Click to download the MIP Tariff.

Sales and Marketing Contact Information:

Container Operations : +90(324) 241 29 19
Conventional Cargo (Dry Bulk, Liquid Bulk, General Cargo) and Ro-Ro Operations : +90(324) 241 29 10
E-mail :[email protected]

How can I access the announcements made by MIP?

All announcements circulated by MIP are issued on our web site. Click for access

How can I be informed of Container lines calling MIP?

For information on lines calling the port, please contact the Sales & Marketing Department.

Can we store our cargoes in closed storage areas at MIP?

Storage is possible in our warehouses depending on the availability of our port area and the characteristics of the cargo. Like our open storage areas, our closed warehouses are also in a Temporary Storage Area status. Please contact the Sales and Marketing Department for detailed information on the subject.

How can I obtain a password in order to use the MIP system?

After obtaining the related web usage agreement available on, an application must be made to the Documentation Department with the necessary documents stated in the agreement. Click here to access the web usage agreement.

MIP : MIP corporate brochure
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